Tackling cybercrime

"Everybody should want to make sure that we have the cyber tools necessary to investigate cyber crimes, and to be prepared to defend against them and to bring people to justice who commit it."
Janet Reno
Former US Attorney General

Given the rapid development of technology in recent times, cybercrimes have no borders. They are evolving at a rapid pace, causing serious harm and posing a very real threat to billions of victims worldwide. At least $445 billion are lost every year due to cybercrimes.

With new trends constantly emerging and given the pace at which cybercrime is expanding, it is the job of the interpol to keep pace with new technologies and understand the possibilities that they create for crimes.

Tackling firearm trafficking

The utilization of guns by lawbreakers imperils the security of natives in all nations of the world. Just as their undeniable use in equipped thefts and murder, they are likewise connected to a wide scope of different wrongdoings. These incorporate corruption, environmental crime, human trafficking, maritime piracy, organized crime and terrorist activities.

Little arms and light weapons are simple for offenders to hide and transport, so dealing in guns is a rewarding business which, thus, energizes and reserves different sorts of genuine wrongdoings.

The concealment of gunrunning is one of the zones of expanding enthusiasm for the setting of global law. As a committee we should aim to bring an end to these actions and make the world a safer place.