United Nations General Assembly

Discussing macroeconomic policies for the aversion of future economic crisis with special emphasis on Europe

"Either immediately or ultimately every dollar of government spending must be raised through a dollar of taxation."
Henry Hazlitt
Author of "Economics in One Lesson"

Under Keynes, a government should always be willing to borrow in order to stimulate an economy, but when borrowing excessively exceeds the ability to pay back debt and a currency is at risk of collapsing leading to the downfall one of the most prosperous continents on earth, all while markets are being misinterpreted across the globe and economic bubbles are bursting, while the world is on the brink of the largest economic crisis it may have ever seen, precautionary measures must be undertaken. This was the state of Europe after the notorious Eurozone crisis, the repercussions of which, still linger about today.

If we are to forestall the next economic downturn and mitigate the impact when it arrives, countries need to shore up their defenses now. These defenses comprise severe macroeconomic policy changes, financial firepower, policies to fight crises and regulatory regimes. History suggests downturns in the economic cycle are somewhere over the horizon, and recent signs of slowing global growth should underline the imperative to prepare for such formularized culminations.

Fostering sustainable economic development in the Arctic region

"Whoever controls oil controls much more than oil."
John McCain
Former US Senator (Arizona)

Why is a gigantic mass of ice so important to any country with economic ambition? Its about what’s underneath, oil, 90 billion barrels of it. That, along with a fifth of the worlds undiscovered fossil fuels. However, there is historical precedent that with resources comes complications. The attractiveness of this has lead it to be much more than just a political conflict about sovereignty. From widespread concerns about the exacerbation of climate change due to drilling, to even military escalations, the arctic is in evident need of resolution.