United Nations Security Council

Countering the threat caused by violent extremism in armed conflicts

In any situation of armed conflict, the socioeconomic backdrop is already one of extreme unrest. The increasingly widespread use of weaponry in armed conflicts increases the possibility of non-state actors acquiring them and the extremely volatile geopolitical scenario causes civilian aggression to soar. This deadly combination forms the optimum situation for violent extremism to thrive and crime rates to soar.

Governments or regimes directly involved in the conflict are still bound by humanitarian law, the need for international validation, and basic morality. However, when violent extremists emerge, they are fuelled by a never-ending vice of sentimentally backed ideas and an army of brainwashed soldiers willing to kill for these ideals. As long as violent extremism continues, there can never be peace. The extremism would only add to the unrest, under which the conflict and thus extremism would only further expand. Thus, countering violent extremism is integral to peacemaking.